Tamashima International Club

Tamashima International Club

Tamashima Cultural Association International Club

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The Tamashima Cultural Association International Club is made up of Tamashima area residents interested in promoting and supporting the internationalization of the Kurashiki area, as well as, interacting with the area's international residents to increase mutual understanding and goodwill. The TCAIC is a member of both the Kurashiki International Association and the Iibu Kurashiki Network and sponsors participates in a number of different international exchange events throughout the year.

Some of the activities/events that the club is involved in are:

International Tea Parties

The TCAIC meets on the first Friday or each month from 18.30 to 20.45 at the Tamashima Community Center Annex for some friendly conversation and refreshments. The group invites a different international resident of the Kurashiki area to participate in some free discussion with the group's members

Peach Blossom Viewing Party

Each April, members of the TCAIC gather at the Tamashima Sue no Igashira Eikaen for peach blossom viewing party. International residents of the area, exchange students and other are invited to join in the fun. Everyone has lunch together beneath the flowering peach trees, exchanges stories and experiences and introduces tradtional songs and dance from their home country.

International One-Day Beach Camp

Every August, the TCIAC sponsors a one-day beach camp/party at the Tamashima Sami Nishi Hama Beach Area. Children and their parents participate is traditonal Japanese summer activities such a "Watermelon Splitting", " Beach Tug-of-War", and boat rides. Many international guests and their families also participate. Everyone enjoys their bento lunch under a big tent in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

International Evening in Tamashima

In the beginning of December, the members of the TCAIC gather together for a evening of fun at a refurbished Sake Wine Cellar called Saigokuya located in central Tamashima. International exchange students and others are invited to join in the fun Everyone enjoys a dinner of seasonal dishes as well as international songs and dances in a wonderful atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Japanese Langauge Classes

The TCAIC supports Japanese langauge classes for exchange students and international rsidents of the area. The classes are held twice a month at the Tamashima Community Center. Volunteer teachers offer assistance and support to not only those people preparing for the Japanese Proficiency Exams but also to those just wishing to improve their Japanese ability. Cultural events are also hosted in order to help introduce the Japanese language and create a deeper level of understanding.

The Kurashiki International Friendship Festival

Each October, at the Kurashiki Geibunkan, the Kurashiki International Association's Kurashiki International Friendship Festival is held. Members of the TCAIC are involved in both the organizing and operating of the festival.

Tamashima Haiku Anthology

The Tamashima Cultural Association, the parent organization of the TCAIC, has published an anthology of Haiku poems. Haikus are selected from those collected from a submission box that has been set up at Entsuji Temple in Tamashima. The haiku are in English with a Japanese translation. There is also a glossary of seasonal terms that are often used when writing a haiku. The anthology was published in October of 2005 and contains haiku selected between 1995 and 2003.