Kurashiki Goodwill Guides

Kurashiki Goodwill Guides


Group Leader Mr. Tomoyuki Sakagawa
Contact Information

Nihongo Salon

Mail Address: GWG_Kurashiki@kurashiki-v.net


Please come along at any of the time below.

Goals To assist International Residents of Kurashiki and the surrounding areas and to promote international goodwill.
Meeting Days Wed. and Sat.
Time 10 am to 12 pm(at Kurashiki Cultural Exchange Hall 3rd fl.)
Format 1 student - 1 volunteer teacher
Fees 0 (There are no fees)
Activities In all, we have almost 85~90 volunteer members. Our main international exchange activites are
1) Volunteer Tourist Guides - Must be arranged in advance
2) Japanese Langauge Classes ~"Japanese Salon"~
3) International Exchange Events
4) School visits
5) Publication of Group Newsletter "Amigo", 6 times/year
6) Other
  Homestays and host visits.
  translating assistance for Kurashiki residents
  helping out at various international events.