Frequently Asked Questions

·      May I send you my CV / resume directly?

Ø      No; please do not send CVs / resumes.  Applicants are selected based on application packages and interviews.  CVs and resumes will not be considered.

·      Are the application procedures the same for international (overseas) applicants as for those in Japan?

Ø      Yes.

·      When should I plan on arriving in Japan?

Ø      You need to be in Japan for your interviews, and if you are selected, the start of employment on April 1st.  The program orientation begins on April 1st and lasts for approximately 10 days.

·      Can my partner and I apply as a couple?

Ø     Couples are welcome to apply.  Please note that you will be screened and selected based on your own merits, and you will be interviewed separately.

·      Do I need to already have a valid visa when I apply?

Ø      Not as long as you are in Japan legally.
·      My contract with my current employer continues until April 2nd.  Can I start working in Kurashiki from April 3rd?

Ø     No.  You must be available to start work on the morning of April 1st.  If you
would like to apply to the NET Program, please request to be released from your current contract early.   
·      Do you have work available from April to August?  Do you offer any 6-month contracts?

Ø      No.  All contracts are 1- year contracts.

·      Are there any positions for supervision / international relations?

Ø      No.

·      Do you have positions available for preschool / kindergarten teaching?

Ø      No.  However, some NETs may be requested to assist with international understanding activities at preschools and kindergartens up to several times per year.

·      Do you have any part-time positions available?

Ø      No.  All positions are full-time, salaried positions.

·      How much teaching experience do you require?

Ø      Experience in the Japanese public school system is not a requirement, but it is an advantage.

·        Do you require TEFL / TESOL certification?

Ø      No.  Certification in TEFL / TESOL / CELTA is not a requirement, but it is desirable.

·      Is the salary negotiable?

Ø      No.

·      Will I be able to continue my part-time evening / weekend work, if employed by the Kurashiki Municipal Board of Education?

Ø     Yes.  Depending on the case, NETs must be obtain the approval of Manager of Teachers' Guidance Section.
·      Will you pay for my return airfare to my home country following the completion of the contract?

Ø      No.

·      Do I need to use a car or motorbike to get to work?

Ø      NET must arrive at their schools / meetings etc. every day on time by whatever means they can. It is not always possible to assign NETs to schools within walk distance. Therefore, having a car and being able to drive may be useful. You should at least be able to ride a bicycle or use public transport.

·      Does the Kurashiki Municipal Board of Education provide a car?

Ø      No.

·      Is housing provided?

Ø      No.