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Kurashiki - Zhenjiang


 In 1995, the Mayor of Kurashiki, in response to the requests of various groups of Kurashiki citizens, formed the Chinese Friendship City Exploratory Committee. The purpose of this committee was to investigate the possibility of establishing friendly ties with a Chinese city.

  This committee considered the accesibility, cultural facilities, industrial infrastructure, climate and the development potential for private enterprise exchanges of a number of candidate cities before deciding to recommend Zhenjiang. Once Zhenjiang was chosen, friendly exchanges with the city were actively pursued.

  Finally, in October of 1997, the Kurashiki City Council officially approved Zhenjiang as Kurashiki's 4th Sister/Friendship City. An official delegation, led by the then Mayor, Mr. Takeshi Nakada, and the then City Council President, Mr. Tadahiro Yasuda was approved to visit Zhenjiang. On November 18, 1997, representatives from both cities took part in the official signing ceremony that was held to formally establish friendly ties.

(*Pictures are from the official signing ceremony)

Facts About Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang is located approximately 240 kms to the northeast of Shanghi on the southern banks of the Yangtze River in the Province of Jiangsu. The Zhenjiang New District has a population of roughly 2.9 milliion people and covers an area of about 3,843 km2.

  Located in the subtopics, the tempature is relatively warm thoroughout the year. However, the city does experience the distinct characteristics of each of the 4 seasons.

  With a history that dates back over 3,500 years, the city is filled with historical and cultural treasures. However, the city does have a strong industrial and trade base and it's port also a large ammount of international trade.

  Originally known as a "Fishing and Rice Farming" villiage, Zhenjiang now the home of over 1800 jointly owned international and Chinese companies involved in the Power, Textile, Chemical, Ship Building, Machine Manufacturing, Mining and Aluminum industries. It is also one of the major breading areas for eels in China, many of which are exported to Japan.

   Zhenjiang also has numerous universities, special technical schools, museums and other cultural facilities. The city is very active internationally and has established friendly ties with cities in South Korea, Brazil, the U.S.A., Canada, Turkey in addition to it's Japanese friendship cities, Kurashiki and Tsu City (Mie Prefecture).


Since the establishment of friendly ties, various exchanges have taken place between both cities. Economics, culture, education and administrative services are just a few of the areas where both cities have exchange information and ideas. Both cities have also hosted various cultural, student, arts and citizens groups.

▲Members of the Zhenjiang Youth Performing Troupe visiting Kurashiki's Ajino Elementary School. The group also performed for Kurashiki's citizens during their visit.

▲Members of a group of Zhenjiang Agricutlure Specialists visit Kurashiki and observe local farming methods.

▲Members of a visiting Citizens Delegation participating in a Chinese language discussion group with Kurashiki Citizens