KIA Information Corner

KIA Information Corner

KIA International Exchange Information Corner

Located on the 3rd floor of the Kurashiki Cutural Exchange Hall is the Kurashiki International Affairs Office's International Exchange Information Corner. Here you can find out information about upcoming international exchange and other events taking place in the Kurashiki area, as well as, information about the various international exchange organizations that are active in the Kurashiki area. This is also where the free Japanese langauge classes are held. There is an information bulletin board that can be used to post notices about upcoming international exchange events or activities, along with some foreign newspapers, magazines and books. Free Internet service is available during Information Desk hours. Meeting rooms may, depending on availabity, be reserved for a small fee. For more information please contact the Kurashiki International Affairs Office (086-426-3015) or the KIAO International Exchange Information Corner (086-430-3620).

International Exchange Information Desk
Every day (except end of year / new year holidays and occassional closings for maintenance) from 9am to 10pm.
Information Desk
Tuesday - Saturday (except national holidays), 9am to 4pm
Internet Service
Free wi-fi available, 9am to 4pm
The Information Desk is closed on Mondays, Sundays and national holidays. In addition, the information desk staff member is occasionally required to be at City Hall for official reasons.
No Internet service will be available and bulletin board notices will not be accepted on days that a KIAS staff member is not present.


The following foreign language newspapers, magazines and newsletters can be found. Some are free and can be taken home but others must be read on the premises.

* Time Magazine (U.S.A.), * The Economist (England), * Kokusaika Forum(Japan), * Kokusaijinryu (Japan), * JICA mundi (Japan), * IO (Korea), * The Daily Yomiuri (Japan), * Jinmin Nippou (China)

Free Newsletters

* KIAS Tierra (Japanese), * Okayama Insider (English), * Akura (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish)

Kurashiki Cultural Exchange Hall - Access

By Bus

From JR Kurashiki Station take the  Shimoden Bus Amaki Line (Terminal No.6) heading for JR Kojima Station.Get off at the Bichu Kenmin Kyoku Minami Bus Stop.

On Foot (from JR Kurashiki Station)

Walk through the Kurashiki Senta Gai shopping arcade just to the south of the Chugoku Bank near the south exit of JR Kurashiki Station. Keep walking through the shopping arcade and continue on until you pass both the Kurashiki Central Post Office and Kurasihiki Chuo Byoin hospital. At the next intersection, you will see a 7-11 Convenience Store on your right. The Cutural Exchange Hall is the red brick building that is located across the street from the 7-11. It is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from JR Kurashiki Station.


Kurashiki Cuture Exchange Hall

Free parking is available at the Kurashiki Cultural Exchange Hall but the number of spaces are limited. We ask that you use the parking lot in the front of the building.

International Exchange Information Corner

Kurashiki Cultural Exchange Hall, 3rd Floor

Miwa 1-13-33
Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0052
Phone: 086-430-3620

Kurashiki Cultural Exchange Hall >

Bulletin Board

There is also bulletin board where information about upcoming international exchange events and activites can be posted. All notices must be approved by the Kurashiki Internatonal Affairs Office. Notices posted without permission will be removed immediately. In addition, the following conditions must be satisfied. The Kurashiki International Affairs Office reserves the right to disapprove any notice that fails to meet these conditions without advance notice. The application to post bulletin board notices can be found at the following link. Bulletin Board Application (PDF File).

Bulletin Board Policy

1.  Only people high school age and older may post a notice. Persons under 20 years of age must provide proof that they have permission of their parent or gaurdian before they will be allowed to post a notice.

2.  Kurashiki City, the Kurashiki International Association and the Kurashiki International Affairs Office will not mediate any disputes regarding any notice posted on the bulletin board. Any problems must be resolved by the parties involved.

3. Only the following types of notices may be posted on the bulliten board
*International Exchange Events/ International Exchange Group Information
*Langauge Exchange
*Buying/Selling/Donating of Unwanted Items

  1. All notices, excluding those of approved and recognized international exchange organizations, must be A4 size (297 x 210 mm) or less.

  2. All notices, excluding those of approved and recognized international exchange organizations, will only be allowed to be posted for a period of two weeks. Once the two week period is over, the notice will be removed. Repplication is required if you wish your notice to be reposted.

  3. All people posting Help Wanted or other employment related notices must make sure that the notice abides by all Japanese laws and immigration regulations. Non-Japanese posting Job Wanted notices must make sure that they have a proper visa and are legally allowed to work in Japan.