You may reach Kurashiki Municipal City Hall from JR Kurashiki Station on foot, by bus, or by taxi.

·      For a photo of the Kurashiki Municipal City Hall building, a map of the route from JR Kurashiki Station, and a detailed map of the surrounding area (click here).

Walking distance / time:  After exiting the ticket gate, go left.  When you walk out of the station, follow the overhead walkway around to either the right or left and across the main road before descending the stairs to the sidewalk.  Follow the main road  ("Kurashiki Chuo Dori") out from the station, with your back to the station.  Kurashiki Municipal City Hall is a 10-storey brick-like building about 30 minutes down the main road on the left-hand side.

Bus information:  After exiting the ticket gate, go left.  When you exit the station, you will see the bus stand below.  Get on the Ryobi bus at platform #3; get off at the “Kurashiki Shiyaku-sho” bus stop.  All buses leaving from platform #3 will stop at Kurashiki Municipal City Hall.  The bus ride will cost 170 yen.  The bus timetable is available in both Japanese and English (click here).  Please note that this information is subject to change depending on the bus company.

Taxi information:  After exiting the ticket gate, go left and walk down the stairs on the left side.  You will see the taxi stand there.  When telling the taxi driver your destination, please say the words “shiyaku-sho” rather than “city hall” (If you use the words “city hall”, the taxi driver may take you to a funeral hall named “City Hall”).  If you ask to be taken to the east entrance of city hall ("Shiyaku-sho no higashiguchi"), you will be let out near the interview site entrance.