Memory of Austria

Memory of Austria

Memory of Austria


 I had a really good time in Austria.

 This is a my first time to go to Europe. That’s was amazing and I could get a lots of important memories.

 Actually I can not speak German. Of course I couldn’t understand German too. So first I was really nervous and I was worrying about that I could communicate with my host family and some friends. But Austria people were too kindness for me , so only a day later I acclimated in this country.

 When I was taking a music school , I took piano and singing lessons there in English. First, in the piano lesson , I studied how to important to play piano too carefully. And in the singing lesson, I learned how to utter correctly. That was a little bit difficult for me , but in this utter practice , I can try my home , so I want to continue in myself.

 The most surprising in Austria , it is really beautiful view and nature. When I went to Vienna to sightseeing ,there were a lots of beautiful buildings. I see the Opera house and some traditional buildings. That was too old building but I think that it is so nice. And near my host families house, there were river. My host sister said to me , ` this river is so clean so in summer we can swim here.` I think that in Japan there are a lot of dirty river because of in Japan , the air is not clean. So I am really impressed by the clean and beautiful river. And in the nature , there were so pretty flowers and some trees in Austria. But then I became aware of also how to beautiful Japanese nature too. For example cherry blossom and colored leaves and so on. This is a really good chance for me that I had another look in Japan.


 Finally , I touched tender feelings of a lot of peoples in Austria. In May , my host sister will come Kurashiki to exchange student. Then I really want to repay my host sisters favor . In Kurashiki , there are many traditional buildings too as Austria. So I want to show some traditional things like a `Bikan Chiku.`

 This time I learned about piano ,singing ,nature and so on. That’s was a really really good experience for me. In the future I want to put my experience abroad to good use.