Shiho Tamura

Shiho Tamura

I Love Kansas City

I went to America for the first time. At first, I thought that it was pleasure. I was looking forward to going to America. I wanted to visit “The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art” while in Kansas City. The first host family took me to there. They made me happy. But this museum is too big. So, we could not watch for many pictures and carvings.
Next, Kelly, Madeleine, Ellery and I went to the Kansas City zoo. But we did not watch the animal. We went there to watch the Broadway. It was “The Little Mermaid” on that day. I was impressed.
At the first host family and last night to spend, we cooked hamburger, French fries, and green tea. We always eat out, so very enjoyed having dinner.
At the time of parting, I have cried. So, in the attraction announcement, our students and Mr. Adachi performed a premature start of AKB48 and sang the “Top Of The World”.
I thought that the second host family is international family. Host father’s name is Mark. He is from America. Host mother’s name is Jing. She is from China. So, I thought that. They have two children. Seven years old child’s name is Rachel. She likes running and watching TV. Four years old child’s name is Samuel. He likes watching TV. At first, they did not talk to me. I thought that maybe they are a little shy. So, I talked to them steadily. Then they came to talk too. They might sometimes talk in Chinese. I cannot speak Chinese. Jing told them not to speak Chinese to her. Thanks to Jing, they came to talk in English. Both the story and the hobby fitted the Jing, and days to spend together were very happy.
We went to PLAZA on two days. We saw a lot of clothes. Almost clothes are sleeveless dresses! I was so surprised. But I bought one. (↑) Then it was a day of the parting again. This is a last farewell party. So I was very sad and more cried.
Through this home stay, I wanted to study more English. And I want to come back to Kansas City in America. Thank you very much, everybody!!


 そうしている間にも、お別れの日は驚くほど早く近づいてきていました。アトラクション披露をするのは楽しみでしたが、それが終わるとHoyt家とはお別れになるので、複雑な気持ちでした。”Top Of The World”を歌い終わった瞬間、涙がでてきました。そして、第2ホストファミリーの家へ移りました。