Mao Miyake

Mao Miyake

My Report


I have been thinking that I would try to study around and would like to see the United States with my eyes.
So I applied for homestay program of this time.
When I go to the homestay program, I was nervous at last, but I was relieved because each of members of the family was very kind.
On the second day, I went to the super market.
It was more different than I had thought.
I was surprised that everything sold in the supermarket was very big.
On the forth day, I went to the amusement park with Kansas members.
It was only after three again.
Host sister took me to the musical in the afternoon.
I did standing ovation on the end of the show.
On the seventh day, I went to the concert of Taylor Swift.
The concert hall in Kansas was much more wonderful than I had expected.
It has a lot of stage settings.

When Taylor Swift came near us, I could see her face very clearly.
I couldn’t believe that the singer I always see on the TV sang some songs and performed in front of me.
I was very happy to see the live of my favorite artists in the United States and it was a first time in my life.
On the last day, I made my album with mother and her daughter.
She had made it a little in advance, even though she was busy.
After that, host family gave me lots of gifts.
One of the gifts is a key.
It means thank you can come back my house any time.

I was very sad when I had to leave Kansas, and the host family, but the memories with them was very wonderful and unforgettable.
I think a lot to my host family, my parents, and many people who have took care of me.
During the stay in Kansas I noticed the great things both the United States and Japan.
It was a valuable experience for me.
I was to be a woman who contribute to society.







七日目に Taylor Swift のコンサートに連れて行ってもらえました。好きなアーティストのアメリカでのコンサートが人生初のコンサートになるなんて夢にも思いませんでした。