Yoko Aoyama

Yoko Aoyama

2014 Kansas

Yoko Aoyama
Our flight is july 23 at 16:15 from Kansai airport.It tooks 10hours to reached San Francisco. We’ve just arrive at 10:15. Our flight is delayed going to Kansas from San Francisco.Because there is a problem about the crew.
Unlike Japan, the loose place thought that it was interesting to time.
Our first day in Kansas July 24th we visited the city hall we surprised the surroundings are very nice and very splendid building,specialy the fountain.
The quality of the fountain was high.

After that we went to Park Hill High School.
It seemed that the set of a "high school musical"
Equipment was ready to the extent that there is much other institution and it did not become a comparison with a Japanese school.
Then we went to the farm.We enjoyed eating sweet corn.
And the other day July 25th, we went to inspect ROYALS STADIUM from the morning. It was able to sit on the bench which the player is actually using.
I was glad.
From the lunch, it carried out to WORLDS OF FUN and enjoyed exclamation system machines and pools, such as a roller coaster.
Even if seldom waited unlike Japan, turn came.
After that at noon time,we’ve met the host family at the park.

My first host family is an Indian. They touched warmly like my real mother. They treat me like a real family. They cooked for me a delicious indian curry.
We went to the musical,they took me to the place they are working,mini golf, a laser tag, hallmark center, Cheesecake Factory, etc. and many places.I enjoyed too much.There’s a lots of fun.
In the second host family, host Mother was indebted to Mr. Jun supporting a homestay.We have lots of fun too. Like BBQ steak together in the yard, went to see Buffalo which is not seen in Japan, visited the big zoo, or I went to ruins called Fort Osage,They took me to the many places. I enjoyed too much.
All family smiling face was great, and I felt easy very much and was able to pass the homestay happily.
In the Kuivera lake, although it was also injured by getting close to the nature of Kansas, relations deepened very much with the member of Kurashiki, and it has refreshed very much.
All of them are very beautiful and nice people specialy the family in Kansas city. I don’t forget them.I miss them soo much. My family host. Thank you.


 24日から倉敷studentsでカンザスの市長に会いに市役所に訪問した。市役所はとても立派な建物で周りに噴水があった。カンザスは噴水が世界で二番目に多いので有名だ。噴水のクオリティーは高かった。次にPark Hill High Schoolを見学しに行った。体育館がいくつもあって、芸文館のようなホールまであった。まるで『ハイスクールミュージカル』のセットにいるようだった。他にもたくさん施設があって日本の学校とは比べ物にならないくらい設備が整っていた。そしてそのあと、農場に行った。獲れたてのトウモロコシは最高だった。
25日の朝からROYALS STADIUMを見学しに行った。実際に選手が使っているベンチに座れた。嬉しかった。お昼からはWORLDS OF FUNに行ってジェットコースターなどの絶叫系マシンやプールを楽しんだ。日本と違ってあまり待たなくても順番が来た。そのあと、自然が綺麗な公園でホストファミリーと対面した。私の第一ホストファミリーはインド系の方でホストマザーは私の本当の母のように温かく接してくれた。本場の美味しいチキンカレーを作ってもらった。ミュージカルを観たりボーリング、ミニゴルフ、レーザタグ(暗闇でレーザを相手チームに当てる遊び)、ホストマザーの職場、ホールマークセンター、チーズケーキファクトリーなどとたくさんの場所に連れて行ってもらった。
 第二ホストファミリーではホストマザーがホームステイを支えてくれているJunさんにお世話になった。一緒に庭でステーキを焼いたり、日本では見られないバッファローを観に行ったり、大きな動物園を訪れたり、Fort Osageという遺跡に行ったり、ここでもたくさんの場所に連れて行ってもらった。家族みんな笑顔がステキで私はとても安心して楽しくホームステイを過ごすことができた。