Tatsuyuki Meguro

Tatsuyuki Meguro

My Treasures

Tatsuyuki Meguro
I’m filled with lonely feeling and gratitude.
I had the wonderful time through the lots of precious activities in Kansas City.
Especially, I will never forget the conversations with my host families and friends. We talked about many things, cultural differences between Japan and America, proverbs, difficult English words, so on.
And most impressive memory is that I could tell about Kurashiki neatly and proudly. I was glad my host family listened to me seriously. We were getting good family with these conversations. And otherwise, through playing with kids and going shopping with host mother, I felt they were my real family in America.

During the tour, I had the chance to talk with another people in many places.
On the plane for San Francisco, I talked about KANJI with fright attendant who liked Japan. At San Francisco airport, I talked with the pilot. And during the waiting time for the airplane, I became friends with two American boys. They worked as boy scouts. We talked about each other’s activities. It was a precious encountering for me, but I realized that I had to improve my pronunciation and vocabularies through the conversations

I want to appreciate to all the people who supported us.
First is host families and the people of Japan America society. I’m sure that they had prepared so much to receive us. They coordinated our stay very well. So we could enjoy the wonderful and exciting days. Their hospitalities were very excellent. They helped me a lot. I’m proud that Kurashiki city has a relationship with such a wonderful city, Kansas.

Second is Mr. Benson and tour members. He was really accommodating leader. Thanks to him, we were able to spend wonderful time safely. And the members are so nice. Before leaving for Kansas, the atmosphere of the group had become very friendly already. We could help each other. They have always been a source of strength for me in Kansas City as well. They all are my best friends. I am really glad to meet them and share the wonderful time.

Third is the people of Kurashiki City office and Sister city committee, Mayor and Chairman. Thank you very much for giving us the wonderful chance. I think we want to contribute to the international exchange program from now on. And the International section’s staff. They helped us through the advance training. They gave warm arrangements for us, so made our trip successful.

And last is my parents. Thanks for the recommend and giving me wonderful opportunity of visiting to Kansas City. I feel I grew up more in this summer.

In the future, I want to do a job which concerns with English. To make my dream true, I need to improve my English more and more. As becoming adults I want to visit back to Kansas City with my nice fellows again. And I want to keep having relationship with them forever. This trip and my fellows are my best treasures in my life. Thank you again!

僕の宝物 2014 Summer in Kansas