Sakiho Miyake

Sakiho Miyake

Sakiho Miyake

I participated in this sister city visit and was able to feel a heart of the hospitality of Japan some other time. And I did a lot of first experience in my life. It was awesome fun and gave me stimulation very much. For example, I did a bungee jump, went to the Royals’ game, and visited Blue Spring High School.
I watched professional baseball game for the first time so I was really excited.

This is my 1st host family Starr is gentle man and Judy is friendly women. My uneasy heart disappeared thanks to their bright expression and friendly character. We went to the concert on the first day. It was very excited and singer covered my favorite song, was so fun!!
Next day, we went to Oak Park Mall. It has many kinds of shops and I was so excited. I bought clothes and gifts for my grandmother. And I give the present which I brought from Japan at the night. I was glad to e pleased very much. The next day, we went to department. The product in there was very wonderful, but anything was high price.

And Blue Spring High School has huge site. I like glee of American drama and it has the lecture hall which came out to a drama there, so I wanted to enter at all the school. Then I spent pretty good time with my host family.
The following day, I and Yuki and Cory swam in Wilhite`s house. We spent pretty good time. The next day, Yuki and I prepared the Okonomiyaki for our host family and they said delicious. So I was glad. Everybody liked miso soup.
The next morning my host mother Judy made gravy sauce with biscuit for me. Then I went to Nelson Atkins Museum has three or four big shuttlecocks. In addition, there was a lot of wonderful works. There was the picture of the pupil of a famous painter displayed in the art museum in Wilhite`s house and was surprised I thought that I wanted to visit again.
This is one of the famous works of this art museum. And this is made exactly like a genuine shuttlecock and is very interesting.
The evening of the day, Exchange party were held in YMCA. Our all programs succeeded and I was very glad.

Next my host family was Mr. and Mrs. Looney. They were friendly and good person.
We went to shopping. And we went to watch a movie 『Jurassic World 』without Taka-chan. I loved the actor who appeared for the movie. He is very cool.
The next morning, Eric made pancakes for me was very yummy. I have never eaten such a delicious pancake. The night, we watched professional soccer game. It was really excited.

The game tied at 1 to 1. Everybody wore KC T-shirt or blue clothes.
The next Tuesday, We went to Target. There was variety of clothes, snacks, and goods.
I bought gifts for my friends and my sister. I was happy to take me to various places.
The following day, Farewell party was held in Mr. Remely’s house. Party mood was good.

I missed my host family. But I will visit Kansas again. So I’m going to study English hard and grew up from now; want to turn up.

三宅 咲歩

姉妹都市訪問の生活体験団の一員として参加させてもらい、学ぶことがたくさんありました。一番はじめに感動したのが空港に着いた瞬間にすべてが英語表記だったことです。「ああ、アメリカに来た!」と実感しました。カンザスについてからは1日目から市長さんへ表敬訪問をしたり遊園地ではバンジージャンプをしたりと人生で初めての体験をたくさんした1日でした。ピザやケンタッキーなどアメリカ発祥のファストフードも食べに行きました。名前を聞けば日本とさして変わらないような気もしましたが、サイズや値段には驚きました。2日目にはblue spring高校を訪れました。私の高校は約1000人の高校で、岡山県では決して小さくはない学校です。しかし、そこの高校にはアメフトのグラウンドやサッカーグラウンド、講堂など日本の高校では考えられないほどの敷地で入学したいなと思いました。