Yuki Ono

Yuki Ono

Yuki Ono

Valuable experience in Kansas City

I was able to gain many valuable experiences for these 17 days. I thank the people who supported me. I was not fun every day. Even if I laughed when I was with all, I became hot and cried at night. However, I made an effort hard not to be sorry for me. I thought that I grew up and must return to Japan because I was chosen as the Sister City Visit Youth Life Experience Group with much effort and came to the United States of America in important summer vacation.

At first, I am proud that I could meet the Mayor of James Sly and hear a story about Kurashiki and Kansas. He was the tender person who talked to us openheartedly.
Next, I am proud that I was able to do tour of Blue Springs South High School. The teacher of school explained about school carefully and guided a school to us. I was able to know the structure of the American high school by comparing it with my high school.
In addition, I could go for a tour of Oberdiek Farm for the first time and was so fun. The man of the farm brings up tomatoes and vegetables and breeds pigs and brings up corn a lot in large land. It was a really splendid farm. There is no so large farm in Japan. I ate the corn which it does not boil for the first time there. It was so sweet and delicious.

Also, I could watch the game of Royals. I had not watched a game of baseball in baseball stadium in Japan. So, I was able to watch the Major League match that I can rarely watch in the United States of America. That was a wonderful experience. The match of Royals made me happy. I’d like to definitely go there again sometime. I was surprised because all Kansas City citizens like Royals. I am really so envious of the Kansas City citizen who overflowed of the love. I became to love Royals, too. Finally, I was able to watch fireworks there. I was really glad because I did not think to be able to watch fireworks in the United States of America.

I think that these experiences were able to do only by the Life Experience Group. It was really valuable experience. I think that I was able to make a memory only for me in this summer vacation. I want to put these experiences to use my life from now on. I think that this experience became the one step to approach for me in the future.


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