Wakako Endo

Wakako Endo

Wakako Endo

My home in the United States

My summer holiday in 2016 became unforgettable memory for me. When I arrived at Kansas city with little unexpected incident, I really worried about my home stay. For example, I worried about my English skills.
In the park where we waited for our host families, My anxiety and tension
were almost all feeling that I felt However I don’t have to feel like that.

I spent really nice time for two weeks with my great host families. Both of
them had four children, so we watched a movies having ice cream went swimming went shopping, and so on. Those were all very fun. They talked to me and asked me many questions. I was happy. I tried to ask questions too.
I talked about our favorite music, fashion and sports with a girl who was the same age until very late at night. On the other hands I cooked traditional meal from Argentina with my host father and mother. I’m really glad to help them. After we had dinner we talked a lot about Japan, the United States and different point of thought between Japanese and American. It was very interesting for me. I could learn what religion they believing and why. I change the impression of the religion.

I made mistake when I spoke English and sometimes I didn’t understand what they say, but they always taught me till I get it meaning. I think it is important for me to try to speak English.
When my host mother and I talked something, she said “Because of you coming, I’m interested in Japan,” I felt so happy when I heard that. So I want to speak English more fluently. I decided that I’m study English very hard to speak it fluently to talk more with my host families when next time we meet.

Anyway both of my host families were very nice. They said “Your home in the United States is here. You can come anytime you like.” I had a great encounter in Japan and in the United States. I met many people and I made friends. I’m really glad to see all of them. All of them treated me well. They were so kind and nice, having a hospitality. The experience of this trip is really valuable thing. I had a lot of support from others. I’m filled with gratitude to them. I was lucky to see them.
I set a new goal because of my trip. I’ll make the most of this experience to reach the goal. I’m really glad to join this project with my best friends. I want to be a person who can be play an active part all over the world.