About English Camp

  • What is English Camp?
    • English Camp is an English experience.
    • There are games and activities, events and lots of English speaking.

  • What will we do?
  • We will speak English and learn about new cultures!!

    At English camp:
    • Students and teachers will speak in English.
    • You will have lots of FUN!
    • You can meet many NETs from Kurashiki!
    • You will make many new friends.

  • When is English Camp?
    • Kurashiki English Camp 2022 is on Tuesday, August 23rd or Wednesday August 24th.
    • Some schools come on Tuesday.  Some schools come on Wednesday.  (Ask your English Teacher)
    • The application period is from May 23rd to June 8th.

  • Can I go to English Camp?
    • All junior high school students in Kurashiki City can go to English Camp.
    • But, the number of students from each school is limited.
    • Big schools can have more students than small schools.
    • Do you want to go to English Camp? Please ask your NET or your English teacher.

  • How much is English Camp?
    • English Camp is 1,000 yen.

      *Students receive an English Camp Handbook and a T-shirt.