Haruka ISHII

Haruka ISHII

Haruka ISHII
The best memories

I spent a great time. I will tell you something experience in these 17 days.
I wanted to know American hospitality, daily life and enjoyment of English conversation so I applied for this program. When I met the first host family for the first time, I was so nervous. But I received a warm welcome from them, so I was relieved.
We arrived at home, I went the living room after I put my baggage and suitcase, they said to me “welcome!” And they gave me the present. I was surprised at the event and I almost cried with happiness. And my host mother created with a sundress and a blanket for me. It was a day full of surprise. In these events, I found that it is difficult to express my emotion. For example, “I will be so happy I may cry!” and “It is too much fun!” and so on. I wanted to express these words, but I was not able to say. So I tried hard with gestures, facial expression and simple English words. Then my host family answered to my efforts with smile. I leaned that feeling in conveyed by trying to tell even if I do not know.
The second host family were person who love Japanese games. I like Japanese games too, so we played many games a lot of time. And they love baseball too. During the period I was staying with them, they took me to watch the game because there was a match of Kansas City Royals vs Chicago Cubs. I cheered Royals with my all strength at a very big game venue. It was my first experience and I enjoyed it so much. Other than that, since host sister has been learning Japanese, I spent pleasant time by writing her names in Kanji and I taught each other many words. And she said, “I want to go to Japan someday!” So I taught her about the recommended place and food in Japan.
Both the host family and the second host family gave me a wonderful hospitality and I was able to spend a best days. So next time I want to invent them to Japan and I want to give them the best hospitality.
These 17 days became my treasure. Thank you so much letting me have a wonderful and special experience.


家に到着し、用意してくれていた私の部屋に荷物を置いた後、リビングへ行くと「ようこそようこそ!」と言って、プレゼントをくれました。思ってもみなかった出来事に私は嬉しさのあまり泣きそうになってしまいました。他にも、ホストマザーがサンドレスをとブランケットを作ってくれて、驚きの連続でした。私はその中で自分の感情を英語で表現することの難しさに気が付きました。「うれしくて泣いてしまいそう!」や「楽しくて仕方がない!」というような感情を相手に伝えたいのに、なかなか単語が出てこず、私は「Thank you!」