Yuzuki MOTOZUNE - Precious experiences

In this summer, I had great experiences in Kansas City as a member of Kurashiki sister city student.

Kansas City was very far from Kurashiki City. It took us above 27 hours to arrive at Kansas City from Kurashiki City. There were many different things and I was surprised. For example, most foods in restaurants were too big to finish. But American weren't sorry for leaving unfinished food. Although my host family said "You don't have to finish" but I tried to finish. Because it's common for Japanese to express our gratitude for all food we have and finish. Also, they usually drank not water but juice such as Coke, Fanta, and so on when they had meal. Because I don't like carbonated drink, I could choose only ice tea or lemonade. Also, there were many fast-food restaurants with drive-through. Not only fast-food restaurants but also bank and post office had. I thought the reason why was what American can't live without car. Because America doesn't have public traffic like Japan and over 16 people can have a driver's license.

In these different cultures, I learned three things.
First, I got better communication skills. My host family tried to know a lot of things about not only me but also my family, so they asked me many questions. At first, answering only what they asked was my best. But, we could know each other because I tried to tell them all the details of the answer to the questions.

Second, there were many places to take pictures in Kansas City. They made me very excited. However, it's important for me to talk a lot with my host family or support member there. I spent a great time talking with them.


Third, I learned close relations between humans were very important. I had two host families and I had a great experience with them. They took me to a lot of places I want to go to. For example, we went to go shopping, history museum, and so on. Especially, I was happy to go to the National Museum of Toy and Miniature. Also, as I started to speak to them, they listened to me carefully. That made me so happy. Now, there are good relations with them, so I want to continue these relations by sending air-male.
Finally, there are many good people I met there. Thanks to their support, I could learn a lot of things there. Although we had terrible disaster in Kurashiki, I appreciate this precious experience. Thank you so much! Kansas City is nice place which have good person, so I really want to visit again someday!


本常 夢月