Yui Tanaka

Yui Tanaka

Great Experience

My homestay was really great experience for me. I have two reasons about that. First reason, At this program, I could use a lot of words that Ⅰ studied in English classes . But,I used not only them but also the a lot of words that I did not learn. I thought that it is important for us to both study English hard at school and use English when we talk to someone at everywhere. In addition to, I noticed that they think it is most important for their more better communication to say own opinion clearly. I think so too.

Second reason、they took a lot of interesting place in Kansas City. They took me traditional very big bookstore. There were very large and there were so many books. I was really enjoyed readying books. I took West Bottoms Antique and Flea markets in Downtown Kansas City. It was sold old things. But they were really nice. Ⅰ went to Union Station and Crown Center. When Ⅰ saw such as beautiful station, I felt great history about the station. Ⅰ went to Liberty Memorial. There were famous history museum. There were very fun. Ⅰ went to BBQ restaurant. To eat BBQ was first time for me. It was really delisious.I went to Country Club Plaza. There were many beautiful springs and flowers. These view were really great. I enjoyed shopping, having lunch and taking a lot of pictures. The place became my most favorite spot. So Ⅰ went to there twice. Ⅰ was really glad.

During my homestay, my hostfamily held birthday party for my hostbrother. The party was very fun and great. Ⅰ took a lot of pictures at the party and Ⅰ gave him those pictures. He said me 「Thank you」 many times. I was really glad to hear that. I went to a museum. There is famous for a lot of arts. There were very large and beautiful. In addition to, we could take pictures everywhere. I enjoyed taking a lot of pictures and buying some museum goods for my special souvenirs. Í went to some super market. They had many big things for me. There were sold a lot of things. For example, clothes, toys, books, movies, stationaries and kitchen goods. I was really surprised at that. I became interested in foreign super market. I could learn lot of important things for our communication to around the world. I will keep in touch my hostfamily. I felt happy to join such as great experience.


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