Kurashiki Museum of Natural History was opened on November 3rd, 1983.
The Museum houses collections of plants, insects, animals, fossils, minerals and rocks.
The main objective of the displays is the presentation of natural history in Okayama Prefecture, and its relation to past and present human life.


Entrance Hall

Mother and child of Naumann's elephant
(Palaeoloxodon naumanni)
(Automated replicas)

Fossilized animals in Kurashiki


1st Exhibition Hall: “Geological Formation of Okayama Prefecture”

  1. History of the earth and life
  2. Topographical feature of Okayama Prefecture
  3. Geological history of Okayama Prefecture
  4. Palaeoloxodon naumanni
  5. Geology and rocks of Kurashiki City
  6. Rocks and minerals of Okayama Prefecture
  7. The Formation of the plain surrounding Kurashiki
  8. Skarn minerals of Okayama

History of the earth and life

Palaeoloxodon naumanni

2nd Exhibition Hall: “Flora and Fauna of Okayama Prefecture”

  1. Geological features and the climate of Okayama Prefecture 
  2. Flora and fauna of Okayama Prefecture
  3. Nature, flora and fauna of Okayama Prefecture
  4. Nature changes
  5. Decreasing or increasing species in Okayama Prefecture
  6. The tableland of limestone in Atetsu(diorama)
  7. Video corner


3rd Exhibition Hall: “Insects World”

  1. General body anatomy of insects
  2. History and classification of insects
    History of insects / Classification of insects / Insects of Okayama Prefecture
  3. Wonders of colour and form
    Sexual dimorphism / Geographic variations / Other variations / Colour diversity / Woodland insects of day and night / Functional structures / Mimicry / Camouflage in Malaysian forests / Interesting insects in Kurashiki / Singers
  4. Life of insects
    Parent and child / Development and metamorphosis / Different types of feeding habits / Diversity of insects foods / Social life of wasps
  5. Insects of the world
    Beetles of the world / Butterflies of the world / Various insects of the world / Insects of Japan
  6. Insects collection of the Kurashiki Museum of Natural History
    Collection and arrangement of insects specimens / Application to study / How to make insects specimens
  7. Remarkable insects

4th Exhibition Hall: “Plants World”

  1. Five kingdoms
  2. Parts of plants
    Roots / Stems / Leaves / Flowers / Fruit and seeds
  3. Classification of plants
    Bryophytes / Pteridophytes / Spermatophytes
  4. Goods made with plants
  5. Geographical distribution
    Plants in Atetsu Region
  6. Plants in Kurashiki City
  7. Plants in Okayama Prefecture
  8. Free exhibition space


Special Exhibition Hall

Something of special exhibition is hold if you are lucky






9:00 AM to 5:15 PM (Visitors are admitted until 30 minutes before closing time.)


Every Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the Museum is open Monday and closed the following Tuesday.)

Year-end/New Year holiday (December 28 to January 1)


Individuals General ¥150
College or University students ¥50
High-school students and younger Free
Group visitors
(For groups of 20 or more visitors)
General ¥100
College or University students ¥30
  • Admission to the permanent exhibitions is free to persons aged 65 or over. Please present some form of identification indicating age.
  • Disabled persons, plus one caregiver per disabled person, are admitted free. Please present your Disabled Person's Notebook or similar identification.

Address & Phone

[Address] Chuo 2-6-1, Kurashiki City, Okayama Pref., 710-0046 Japan

[Tel] +81-86-425-6037

[Fax] +81-86-425-6038

[E-mail] musnat@city.kurashiki.okayama.jp