Kurashiki UNESCO Association

Kurashiki UNESCO Association

Kurashiki UNESCO Association

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 The Kurashiki UNESCO Association was established in November of 1995 and currently has around 70 members. Based on the principles stated in the UNESCO Charter, the association's members believe that since War is something that is created in the hearts of men, it is necessary to build the foundations of peace in the hearts of men as well. The goal of the association is to promote world peace through a variety of educational and cultural exchanges.

The association collects uncancelled or damaged postcards that can be converted into money by turning in the unused stamp or postage mark to the post office. The money raised from this is used to build schools and training facilities for educators in countries throughout Asia.

The association also strives to promote both Kurashiki's culture heritage and the culture of peace among Kurashiki's citizens through a variety of events an activities.

For more information about the group's activities, please contact Mr. Koyama at 086-255-4558.


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March 11th, 2022


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August 15nd, 2022


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October 16th 2022


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March 15th , 2023