The Japanese exchange report

The things I enjoyed were the Jurassic park
ride at the universal studios in Osaka,
especially near the end because we all got
wet. It was fun.

And the okynomiyaki was nice we have
been making it at home and we have also
made the mochi pizza.

And also the Mitsubishi car factory it was
cool to see all the robots putting the body of
the car together and the people doing the
finishing touches.

 We stayed with the Onishi family they
took us punting down the river in the Bikan
area Mr and Mrs Onishi and Misaki took
us to a garden with a castle there we tried
on kimonos.
I played games with Kodai and Takahiro.
The Onishi family were very kind to us.

The people were very kind every were we

The kansi airport was quite cool it was
multy levelled it was very very very very
very big! The plane ride was nice and
comfortable it had a small TV screen were
you could watch the planes progress from
Auckland to Japan and on the way back
from Japan TO Auckland it also had games
like hang man.

Our trip was just the right amount of time
away. I enjoyed my experience over in
Japan. THANKYOU! very much to all
those who helped us!