Sister City Exchange (16-23 March 2010) Feedback

  • Having someone to lead the group, like Tania, was essential. I do not think we would have coped by ourselves, negotiating airports, train stations etc.
  • James Benson meeting us at Kansai and helping us find our through train stations etc was also essential. Very thankful that we had James to help us in getting around and translating etc.
  • Checking that bathrooms are accessible before booking would be helpful. The one in Kurashiki was not very accessible, though I did manage by sitting on a shower chair and using the hand shower next to the bath to shower myself. Still, this was awkward and there was not much space though I am thankful I was moved to the room with the biggest bathroom. If I was not able to walk with crutches, I would not have managed.
  • A bus would perhaps be easier than having to negotiate so many trains to get from Osaka to Kurashiki and vice versa. Fortunately we did have people to help us for some of the way, but it was scary at times not knowing where to go and not knowing whether we were going to meet up with the others when some people had to take the stairs because the lift wasn’t big enough.
  • Taking a bus would also solve the problem of having to check all our baggage in two days early because lugging six suitcases around so many train stations would not be possible. May take longer, but perhaps worth it in the long run.
  • Hiroshima trip was great, although it felt rushed and could have been more time allocated for the museum, especially. Hiroshima/Miyajima in one day could be too much.
  • Visit to company that employed people with disabilities was interesting to an extent, but could have done without the question session which really had no benefit.
  • Homestays were fantastic. Would recommend homestaying to everyone who has the opportunity. Awesome experience, lovely host families.
  • Wonderful trip/experience I had a fantastic time and want to visit Japan again in the future.
    Very thankful to all the sponsors, especially independent fisheries. Many great memories and a journey I will remember for years and years to come!