About the position

What is an NET?

A Native English Teacher (NET) is a special English teacher in Kurashiki City elementary, and junior high schools. The position is similar to Assistant Language Teacher positions available through the Japan English Teaching (JET) Program and others. NETs teach at assigned schools, but they are also role models to their students and are expected to behave in a way that brings credit to themselves, their countries, their communities, and the Kurashiki Municipal Board of Education. NETs are assigned to a base school, and may be assigned to one or more visiting schools as well.

Teaching-related responsibilities include:

·      Planning and teaching lessons with Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) in junior high schools and homeroom teachers (HRTs) in elementary schools.  Junior and senior high school lessons should follow the textbook; elementary school lessons should follow the curriculum developed by the Kurashiki Municipal Board of Education.

·      Producing activities / materials to be used in team-teaching English lessons.

·      Discussing team-teaching lessons both before and after lessons.

·      Keeping records of lessons taught.

·      Checking student homework.

·      Making and assisting with tests and student evaluations as requested.

Non-teaching responsibilities include:

·      Participating in school activities as a regular teacher, including:

* assisting with school cleaning.

* assisting with school lunch preparation and clean-up.

* assisting with morning / afternoon greeting.

* assisting with club activities, including English Club, sports clubs,
         and / or cultural clubs.

* participating in Sports Day, Culture Festival, and school trips within

Okayama Prefecture.

* participating in school ceremonies, including the Entrance Ceremony,    Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and Graduation Ceremony.

* participating in staff and departmental meetings.

·      Helping students prepare for the “Eiken” English Proficiency Test and English speech contest(s).

·      Participating in in-service training and assisting Japanese teachers in achieving a higher level of proficiency in English.

·      Attending and participating in monthly Board of Education meetings.

·      Attending and participating in workshops, conferences, and other work-related events.

·      Assisting with the planning and implementation of English Camp, a language camp held during summer for Kurashiki junior high school students.



 To be eligible for employment in the Kurashiki NET Program, you must:

·      Enjoy working with children and young people.

·      Be a native speaker of English, with excellent verbal and written skills.

·      Have a university or college degree from an accredited institution by the date of application.

·      Have lived in Japan for more than 1 year by the date of application or have lived in Japan previously for more than 1 year.

·      Be able to speak and understand Japanese well enough to carry out daily conversation.

·      Be physically and mentally fit.  Please note that, if accepted into the program, you will be required to take a physical examination at your own expense and to submit the results.

·      Be able to attend both the Initial Interview and the Final Interview in person at your own expense.  No telephone interviews or video conferences will be given.