Okayama Int. Legal Affairs

Okayama Int. Legal Affairs

Okayama International Legal Affairs Center

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The Okayama International Legal Affairs Center offers a free consultation service on the 4th Saturday of each month at the Kurashiki Culture Exchange Hall. The Center can provide information regarding the following topics.

* Immigration and visa application procedures.
* Procedures for starting a company or business.
* Copyrights and the use of copyrighted materials

Intial consultations are free but the Center can recommend a legal or administrative specialist for those people interested in receiving more comprehensive support. The cost of these services depends on the type of service provided.

For more information about the Okayama International Legal Affairs Center, please contact Mr. Kenzo Terami at 086-292-9050 by phone or at 086-292-9051 by fax. The Center's office can also be reached by email at okh-center21@nifty.com

You can find out some more information about Center's free consultation service here

Free Consultation Service